2000 years ago, Chinese Medicine, through the ancient practitioner, Dr. Zhang Zhong Jin, became aware of the medical condition of diabetes. In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine philosophy, diabetes is related to 5 different organs: lung, spleen, stomach, kidney and pancreas.

There is a strong relationship between diabetes and cancer, especially with pancreatic cancer. In the long term, the diabetic patient very often succumbs to pancreatic cancer. In Clinical Research in the Cancer Department of Beijing Hospital of China, amongst a sample of 75 pancreatic cancer patients, 25 patients were diabetic, thus, a substantial percentage of 33%. On average, a pancreatic cancer patient, for a blood sugar test on an empty stomach, always tests high.

Some hospitals report that between 2.5 to 7.7% of diabetic patients later turned to pancreatic cancer, twice as high as for normal patients, thus, the unfortunate interconnectedness of diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

The diabetic patient is 3 times more susceptible to a heart attack or stroke. Much more difficult to help, the diabetic patient has a much greater urgency to these conditions.

Fortunately, Chinese Medicine can help lower blood sugar, prevent pancreatic cancer, heart attack, stroke, as well as kidney, liver and gall bladder disease, and blindness. Chinese Medicine can help the diabetic patient, tonifying and strengthening their root or foundation. The lung, spleen, stomach, kidney organs are fortified to function better.

Chinese Herbal Medicine treats and works on the symptoms, as well as, the root, at the same time, with very successful results, making Life Quality better.



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