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Did you know that China has an extremely long history of successful Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Two hundred years ago, Jenner discovered smallpox inoculation, the earliest western therapy with proven efficiency to fight deadly infection. However, do you know that smallpox inoculation had been widely used in China more than 200 years before Jenner's discovery? Today, Chemotherapy and many other novel modalities are widely used to treat cancer. But, do you know that Traditional Chinese Herbal medicine can be successfully integrated into your chemotherapy plan and help you win the fight against cancer by balancing your immune system?

Cancer (immune system)

Better quality of life? Want to live longer?

Dr. Lin utilizes an integrative approach of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and her knowledge and background of Western Medicine, to provide cancer patients with a better quality of life, as well as, longevity.

In cooperation with oncologists medical doctors, Dr. Lin helps cancer patients using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine researched by China Public Health, to successfully support patients before and after operations, before and after chemotherapy, as well as during radiation. Dr. Lin's herbal medicines increase patients' immune system, as well as help patients relieve chemical causing symptoms. Very well-respected, these herbal medicines have been effectively used on many cancer patients.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are used to enhance one's overall vitality and for helping cancer patients. Traditional Chinese Medicine Cancer Hospital in China has used acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for helping cancer patients in order to increase the flow of life energy, chi, and rebalance the body's energy channels or meridians. Acupuncture, by stimulating certain points on the body with extremely fine needles, unblocks energy pathways and allows the chi to flow freely, as well as the body to detoxify.

Research has shown that acupuncture has the ability to boost the immune system in cancer patients by increasing overall white and red blood cell count,
T-cells, and elevating natural killer cell activity.

Can conventional cancer therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation, work with natural medicine?

If we could come to a place of harmony and use the best of conventional medicine and the best of complementary medicine, we could make an enormous difference in the lives of many people. An integrative approach of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, can ultimately provide cancer patients with a better quality of life, as well as, longevity. Chinese Medicine has the potential to help most cancers. Most oncologists will agree that even chemotherapy has many limitations, and they would welcome better options, particularly an intelligent holistic protocol, such as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, that would complement their toxic therapies, as well as build the immune system.

Natural Ways to Relieve Common Side Effects of Cancer and Cancer Therapies

There are many serious and debilitating side effects of cancer and conventional cancer therapies, including fatigue, body wasting, loss of appetite, loss of the sense of taste, nausea, sleep disorders, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, mouth sores, pain, neuropathy, hemorrhaging, and anemia. Chinese Medicine can offer relief from these conditions and provide the body and its immune system with much-needed support while undergoing conventional therapies.

This can improve a patient's life quality, as well as longevity.

Is Chinese Medicine helpful for after surgery?

Yes. During surgery, as a result of, even precise, cutting of tissue, there is, sometimes, a small quantity of cancerous cells that possibly transgress into the blood circulation, which will ultimately flow to other bodily organs. After a small number of years, these cells maybe proliferate into cancer again. Using Chinese Medicine will help intervene against these disconnected cancer cells.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are widely used in Chinese hospitals as an adjunct to radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. In more progressive U.S. hospitals, it is beginning to be used in the same way. Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully protects the immune system and increases survival rates by enhancing the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy without negative side effects. TCM promotes or enhances the natural host defense mechanism by strengthening one's resistance.

Studies show that a full 91.5 percent of patients in China who received both chemotherapy and TCM responded with tumor shrinkage, compared to 46.9 percent of patients who received chemotherapy alone. Doctors at Beijing Institute for Cancer Research also found significant differences in response rates as well as survival times between the two groups. It is important to note that in every study conducted, the group receiving TCM plus chemotherapy showed more improvement and longer survival time than the group that received chemotherapy alone. As one example, when TCM was used as an adjunct to radiation therapy to treat pharyngeal cancer, the five-year survival rate was more than twice as high (53 percent) as in a group not receiving TCM (24 percent).


It is imperative to integrate Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Qigong. Cancer patients often have emotional depression, as well as body soreness and weakness. Inhaling new fresh air, through the natural breathing of Qigong, helps the cancer patient to breathe better and efficiently, dissolving emotional depression, and increase body energy. Qigong helps the body, chi and blood flow and to help open the two large energy channels, Ren and Du. The Chinese Cancer Association has announced that it is important for any cancer patient, during medical treatment, to learn Qigong exercise. Our center provides personal teaching of Qigong.

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